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It’s not said, but it’s said: we’re supposed to be somehow better than the teachers in schools now. There aren’t teacher shortages at my school. My school hired me, an English major with zero teaching experience, over someone more experienced who was traditionally certified in social studies. Maybe it’s because they can pay me less, maybe it’s because principals like that we CMs are a known quantity (all picked, trained, placed the same), or maybe it’s because there actually is some meat to that argument that my brand-name school and youthful enthusiasm means something (ha) in a classroom.
But let’s go with it. I’m going to be so much better than those traditionally certified, far more experienced, leagues-ahead content-proficient teachers. Even suspending my giggles, here’s what I still don’t get: I’m still working in the same structures as the teachers that are the object of the reform movement’s disdain. We’re working…

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